Bordeaux En Primeur

What is En Primeur?

Bordeaux En Primeur

Most Bordeaux Châteaux release their wines through the En Primeur system using various négociants (brokers). This allows the Châteaux to sell their wine up to two years before it is bottled.

En Primeur is the best time to purchase top wines, as they are available at their lowest market prices. It is also the only time consumers and collectors can obtain a substantial volume of their favourite wines and be unequivocally certain of provenance.

Purchasing En Primeur Wines from AWC Fine Wine

As one of the world's foremost wine merchants, AWC Fine Wine has built a reputation for securing exceptional En Primeur wines with an eye toward provenance and timely delivery.

There are no hidden costs: all En Primeur purchases are exclusive of VAT and duty, and include shipping from Bordeaux to our UK bonded warehouse. However, you will need to pay for shipping from our UK bonded warehouse to the final destination of your choice, and any VAT and duty charges applicable at this destination.

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How does En Primeur work?

  • You purchase your En Primeur selections before they are bottled and released to the market. All wines are purchased “In Bond” which means the purchase prices are exclusive of Duty and VAT.
  • The listed purchase price includes the wine, in case quantity, and delivery from Bordeaux to our UK bonded warehouse.
  • When your wine arrives in AWC's UK bonded warehouse, it will be stored under bond on your behalf.
  • AWC Fine Wine will notify you when your wine arrives and ask for any further delivery instructions. At that time you may choose to continue storing your wine with AWC or arrange for delivery to a destination of your choice (intra-bond transfers to your own personal bonded storage location are available on request).
  • Since all En Primeur purchases are Ex-Duty and Ex-VAT, you will need to pay these taxes if and when you decide to have your wines delivered within the EU.

Please note that En Primeur orders cannot be paid for via credit card at present. To secure your Bordeaux En Primeur selections, please contact one of our wine advisors to pay by bank transfer or call +44 (0) 20 3219 5588.

En Primeur FAQ

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Why is purchasing En Primeur a good investment?

Generally, better prices can be secured when purchasing En Primeur wines compared to the price of the bottled wines when they hit the open market. Since many châteaux produce very limited quantities, some as little as 300 cases per year, purchasing En Primeur may be the only opportunity to secure these very limited supply wines.

Why should I purchase En Primeur from AWC?

When you purchase from AWC, not only are you working with an established company, you are dealing with an organization committed to providing exceptional service and transparency within the fine wine market.

What does the En Primeur purchase price include?

The listed purchase price includes the case(s) of wine and their delivery from Bordeaux to AWC's UK bonded warehouse. Prices quoted in GBP are exclusive of VAT and duty and may be subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

Are there additional duties and fees that will need to be paid? If so, when?

Once the wines are received by the Company in its bonded warehouse in London, the Company will allocate them to your Bonded Customer Account by default and will notify you of their arrival by email. When the wine is taken out of bond, duty and VAT at the prevailing rates will apply.

Upon your confirmation the Company will store your En Primeur wines in your Bonded Customer Account until you provide the Company with delivery instructions.

“Bonded Customer Account” refers to your En Primeur wines that are allocated to you and that are stored within the Company’s bonded facilities.

How will the wine be delivered to me? Where and when will it be delivered? Will there be an additional shipping/delivery cost?

You may choose to have the wine shipped to you or to the storage facility of your choice. You will be responsible for shipping/delivery costs at the prevailing rates. When the wine is released from bond and delivered to you or to the storage facility of your choice you will be required to pay duty and VAT at the applicable rates at the time of delivery. Please contact AWC for details of current rates of duty and VAT.

Are my En Primeur purchases insured?

AWC will be responsible for insuring En Primeur wines purchased from AWC at their original invoice value until your delivery and/or storage instructions have been completed.

What sort of value criteria should I consider when selecting En Primeur wines?

Wine as a commodity has some unique value attributes, the most significant of which is that it is a consumable commodity. Over time there becomes less of it, yet it improves in taste and therefore demand increases. Contrasting styles produced by different châteaux have different maturity profiles, and therefore enjoy optimum demand at different times. Generally the longevity of the First Growths exceeds that of the lesser châteaux, which can peak earlier.

In terms of order volume, what should I expect when ordering En Primeur?

Demand for the very top wines from every vintage is always strong. As a merchant, AWC Fine Wine balances the many demands of the négociants, who require higher purchase quantities of their lesser wines, pro-rata to the First Growths and premium wines. The négociants decide which merchants are currently in favour, usually those that promote the less prominent wines alongside the First Growths.

In almost every vintage, market demand for the First Growths and premium wines exceeds supply. Each year AWC finds that its entire allocation of these wines is sold extremely quickly, and as a result it is constantly trying to increase the size of its premium allocations.

However, clients wishing to secure larger volumes of First Growths should consider purchasing other classified wines as well. Clients should balance their allocation requests for First Growths with a quantity of lower–classified growths, as well selections from previous years (which are now in bottle, available for delivery, and already delicious to drink). This creates a win–win situation for everyone involved - including you, the client, AWC as your merchant, and both the châteaux and the négociants.

If you have any questions or require any assistance you can contact AWC's Wine Advisors at any time.

En Primeur Conditions

En Primeur (also referred to as “futures”) refers to the procedure of buying wines prior to their bottling and release onto the market. The wines are normally released by the Châteaux 2 or 3 years after the vintage and are delivered in the UK to AWC’s bonded warehouse. When wines are held "in bond" the VAT and UK duty has not been paid but needs to be settled when you request the wines to be delivered (if you are based anywhere in the EU).

En Primeur Wines can normally only be purchased by the unmixed case (12 x 75cl bottles, 24 x 37.5cl bottles, 6 x 150cl magnums) but allocations of lesser quantities may be made at the Company’s discretion.

Prices & Payment

A description of the wine and prices will be specified on the Company’s Website. All prices are quoted at in bond prices (excluding VAT and duty), but are inclusive of freight and delivery to AWC’s bonded warehouse in the UK. Prices of En Primeur wines may vary due to fluctuations in currency and market demands.

The prices for any products ordered will be as quoted on the Company’s website, price list, or offer communications from time to time, except in the case of obvious errors and/or omissions. The Company reserves the right to change its prices at any time.

Please note that credit card payments are unavailable for En Primeur purchases at present. Payments may be made by direct bank transfer. Your total will be debited in British Pounds Sterling. There may be slight discrepancies in the local currency value of your order therefore due to currency fluctuations.

The Company does its upmost to ensure the exchange rate reflects the real market value as accurately as possible.

Where the order is for wines to be purchased "En Primeur", payment for the wine (excluding VAT, excise duty and delivery charges) is due on the date the order is acknowledged. The final payment (including VAT, transport and excise duty) is due when you receive our final invoice when the Products become available for delivery.

Storage & Delivery

Once the wines are received by the Company in its bonded warehouse in the UK, the Company will allocate them to your bonded customer portfolio account by default and will notify you of their arrival by e mail. Upon your confirmation, the Company will store your En Primeur wines in your Bonded Customer Account until you provide the Company with delivery instructions. There will be no fee for storage of En Primeur wines in the first year following release. However, for each subsequent year a fee of £12.50 plus VAT (if applicable) per case will be incurred.

The Company's General Terms & Conditions apply for En Primeur orders except where stated above.