Environmental and Social Awareness

AWC Fine Wine is committed to becoming as environmentally and socially responsible as possible, while still maintaining exceptional customer service and commercial viability. Continuously striving to reduce the company's impact on the environment, and aiming to make positive contributions to the wider community by taking an environmentally-friendly path forward is the ultimate goal.

Storage and Delivery

In order to reduce the carbon footprint in AWC's storage and delivery services, the company tries to consolidate imports and exports abroad into as few deliveries as possible. Further, we offer the option to deliver overseas by ship rather than via airfreight, which can significantly reduce the carbon footprint for an order. When using courier services AWC aims to use businesses that have similar environmental credentials.

In terms of storage, the majority of AWC's wine is held in London City Bond. This reduces unnecessary movement to third party storage when new stock arrives in the UK. London City Bond also has its own commitments to environmental stewardship and it continues to fund environmental consciousness business initiatives.

Packaging & Paper Trail

AWC aims to deliver all wines in original packaging if possible. AWC takes great pride in ensuring that any other packaging has been sourced from recycled and/or sustainable sources. When incoming deliveries are received, the company strives to re-use any packaging that is still in usable condition. This helps to actively manage waste and to recycle at every opportunity.

The company also realises the need to reduce paper usage. This means that the circulation of wine newsletters, promotions and mailers is conducted via email, through the website, by telephone or by face-to-face interaction wherever possible.

Internally, the use of the company's proprietary VinGenius software has significantly cut down on unnecessary printing and paper waste in the office. This unique programme also allows for all business reporting to be viewed without the need to print. Additionally, VinGenius provides remote access functionality allowing staff to work from home and cut down on travel costs.

Energy Efficiency and Carbon Offset

AWC is a global business and on occasion it is necessary for staff to travel internationally. However the company reduces unnecessary business travel by using Skype and teleconferences. To counterbalance the carbon footprint of the business, when international flights are necessary, AWC is currently working towards purchasing carbon offsets.

As part of AWC’s commitment to becoming more environmentally aware, all employees are encouraged to use public transport, to cycle, or to walk to the office. AWC has also implemented the Ride2Work scheme in our London head office so that employees can opt for a more environmentally friendly and cost efficient way to move about the city.

In the office, environmental procedures are required of all employees. This includes controlled use of air conditioning and heating, and ensuring that all electrical equipment is turned off when not in use.

Alcohol Awareness

AWC supports the Drinkaware initiative and, as a fine wine merchant, recognises that wine consumption should be enjoyed responsibly. Drinkaware aims to change the UK's drinking habits for the better and highlights the dangers associated with irresponsible drinking. AWC fully understands the social and legal obligation of distributing and promoting alcoholic products. The company's participation in such activities will continue to be carried out with in line with these requirements.

Charity Support

On behalf of AWC, Founder and CEO Stephen Williams and his family place great emphasis on supporting the community. In particular, this involves seeking out initiatives and children's charities that work to improve young lives.

  • 2011- AWC purchased the top lot of wines known as “La Pièce de la Président” at the Hospices de Beaune Auction in Burgundy, to raise funds to support extraordinary medical research and help save the lives of underprivileged children.
  • 2012- AWC raised £5,000 for the Edinburgh Hospital bubble unit by donating an all-inclusive trip to Bordeaux. In the same year AWC supported the Masterpiece Summer Party in aid of children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent.
  • 2013- This year we have decided to lend our support to the children’s charity Variety, which aims to increase positive experiences for sick, disabled, or disadvantaged children around the UK.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our environmental and social impact. Please contact AWC if you have a suggestion or require more information.