Cellar Services

The wine cellar is a living and entertaining centre within the heart of a modern home. Not only does a well thought-out cellar enhance your personal enjoyment of wine, but also the sharing of fine wine experiences with friends and family. AWC Fine Wine understands that building a cellar is both an investment in your enjoyment of exceptional wines and in your property.

Through AWC Cellar Services, your cellar will be fully tailored to meet your requirements whether you are creating or modifying a physical wine storage space or structuring a collection within an existing cellar. Our dedicated team manages the full project from start to finish, starting with the initial consultation to find out your requirements. Once complete, the AWC Cellar Management team ensures efficiency in wine procurement, organisation and inventory control by utilising the latest technology and ongoing management.

When embarking on a cellar project, there are a number of things to consider. How large should a home cellar be? Which wines should you cellar? How do you keep an organised cellar? With AWC's bespoke services, you can expect to be guided by our fine wine experts throughout the process and to be inspired each step of the way.

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