Cellar Design

Wine cellars have become increasingly popular, especially in city homes, creating an elegant entertainment area that allows you to indulge in your passion for wine.

“They’re certainly on the increase and developers are responding to the growing requirement for wine rooms by ensuring they sit alongside spa treatment rooms and cinema rooms; feature spaces that all come hand in hand for buyers.”

Jonathan Hewlett, Head of London Residential, Savills

AWC Fine Wine works in collaboration with Focus Wine Cellars (FWC) under an exclusive partnership that provides wine cellar design and construction services on a global scale. When it comes to creating spaces for the world’s most prestigious wine collections, FWC has no equal. Based in Istanbul, for more than a decade, FWC has built turn-key cellar solutions for private and commercial clients, ranging in size from 500 to 50,000 bottles.

An initial consultation with one of our dedicated Cellar Advisors allows us to tailor our service to your needs taking into consideration the space that you have available. Master designers experienced in all aspects of planning and execution, then work alongside a hand-picked team of craftsmen to fabricate each spectacular cellar. These skilled installation professionals and dedicated artisans fulfil all technical requirements and aesthetic expectations to accommodate all bottle sizes including large formats, whilst utilising only the finest materials. AWC manages the project ensuring a seamless experience and comprehensive service. 

AWC Fine Wine guides you through each step until completion which includes:

To understand how large your cellar should be, we take your wine consumption into consideration:


Daily enjoyment - One bottle of wine with dinner

= 365 bottles per year

Dinner party twice per month - 10 guests consuming 12 bottles

= 288 bottles per year

Special Occasions - Three events per year consuming 50 bottles per event

= 150 bottles per year

Total annual consumption

= 803 bottles per year


Total Annual Consumption

= 803 bottles

Ten year span of maturing vintages

= 8,030 bottles

Ten year span of drinking vintages

= 8,030 bottles

Ideal bottle quantity

16,060 bottles

Ideal cellar capacity

26,750 bottles










For more information or to enquire about starting a dream cellar, please contact a Cellar Advisor on +44 (0) 20 3219 5588 or cellarservices@awcfinewine.com.