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Decanting Cradle

The Grand Decanting Cradle

AWC Fine Wine has created The Grand Decanting Cradle to make the serving of Large Formats a deceptively simple and enthralling process. This adds an entertaining and memorable moment to any grand event or dining experience, whether at home or tableside at a top restaurant.


Designed and engineered to precision standards, the cradle is hand-made from solid brass using traditional smithing methods. The surface is then elegantly hammered to give it a patina and a tarnish-resistant finish.


With an intricate pivot system and careful balancing, The Grand Decanting Cradle enables the bottle to be gradually tilted from almost vertical to just past horizontal as the wine is slowly decanted, ensuring that no sediment is allowed to contaminate the wine.

In the restaurant environment, the cradle can easily be mounted to a moveable trolley so that guests can closely watch the fascinating process of their wine being decanted.

Sizes & Capacity

Dining Table Cradles suitable for Magnum formats (150cl/1.5L) are available immediately. For cradles that accommodate larger sizes, enquire directly.

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Chateau Petrus Cabinet and Model

The Grand Château Series Models and Cabinets

AWC Fine Wine has commissioned Viscount David Linley to create this series of nine exquisitely crafted architectural cabinets. Each has been precisely modelled after the most celebrated châteaux in Bordeaux.

Contained within each of these bespoke cabinets is 18 bottles of fine wine, comprising the finest vintages produced by the relevant château during the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Grand Château Series architectural models are painstakingly constructed from precious woods, including the finest sycamore, ripple sycamore, burr ash and Bombay rosewood.

Cabinets available:

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Durand Corkscrew

The Durand Corkscrew

Designed by a prominent wine collector and named for his mentor and world renowned sommelier, the Durand Corkscrew has been repeatedly tested on the most challenging corks.

Before the Durand, most corks, old and new, were removed from wine bottles via two or three main methods, often with mixed results.

Removal using corkscrews of various kinds, often breaks, damages, and/or leaves portions of the cork behind. Other devices, such as a hollow needle inserted through the cork to blow the cork out can push a fragile cork into the bottle and/or put unwanted pressure on the bottle contents. Combining the best features of two removal methods, the Durand easily pulls old and fragile corks without difficulty.

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Linley Helix Display Case

Linley Helix Display Case

Presented in collaboration with Linley Luxury Furniture, each of these unique, handcrafted cases cradles a selection of rare, First Growth Bordeaux that has been chosen specifically by AWC.

Commissioned to celebrate the new series of limited edition Bentleys, the Helix Display Cases are designed to exactly match the interior design details of these special Bentley Continental Flying Spurs.

The Helix Display Case is the ideal gift for the discerning collector.

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